When you're moving to a new place, you want to make sure everyone you care about - including furry family members - will adapt to the change as well as you hope to. Will your dog, cat, or horse enjoy Southern Utah? 

Outdoor Activities

Miles upon miles of dirt or paved trails spell adventure for dogs and horses. With spectacular mountain and red rock views, you would never have to walk the same path twice! There are multiple off-leash dog parks in St. George alone where your pooch can run and play with new friends. You can also take your dog to the Virgin or Santa Clara Rivers or one of the reservoirs to cool off for a swim.

Prefer to get up in the mountains for some trail rides or hiking? Not only is it cooler in those hot summer months, but there are several mountains within an hour's drive which make it possible for a day trip.

Summers are very hot in Southern Utah, so you want to make sure your playmate has plenty of cool, clean water; temperatures can be in the triple digits June-September and an animal outside can dehydrate quickly in that kind of heat. 

With so many places waiting to be explored, your pet will find Southern Utah a great place to live!