St. George is hot during the summer months of June, July, and August but this summer the real estate sales were even hotter.  Traditionally, the summer months in St. George are slow for real estate sales but this summer was much different.  

Total Residential sales for Washington County for the months of June, July and August for 2014 were 853, but total sales for June, July, and August for 2015 were 1049.  That is a whopping 23% increase over last year.

Also, residential listings decreased dramatically this year over last year.  For 2014, the average active listings for the summer were 1754 listings with an average of 6.20 months supply of inventory.  For 2015, the average active listings for the summer were 1478 or a 16% decrease over 2014 with an average of 4.27 months supply of inventory.  That is a 31% decrease in the average months supply of inventory.

I expect the fall of 2015 to be strong as usual with October one of the strongest months of the year.