Washington County is the fortunate recipient of 300+ days of sunshine per year, and if you've thought about bringing that beautiful natural light inside, a sun room might be just the thing. 

What is a sun room, and why get one? 

A sun room is a room with walls (and sometimes ceilings) made of glass, which allows the sunlight to enter. As to why  you should have a sun room installed, that answer could be different for everyone. Some people like the idea of seeing the sun overhead during the day and an open view of the stars by night. You may want to have unobstructed views of the scenery, or perhaps you'd like to create an extra space in your home with brilliant natural light. 

Do sun rooms leak water or allow hot/cold air inside the house? 

It's a valid question. A four-season sun room is constructed to withstand all types of weather. When built and sealed properly, they shouldn't leak any water or have that condensation that sun rooms are notorious for. The glass used for the sun room is often improved to block 90% of UV rays from the sun, which reduces the fading of furniture and helps to keep your space feeling warm during the cold months and cool during the summer. To avoid any leaks, seek regular maintenance. 

Are there any cons to having a sun room? 

It's pretty likely that building a sun room will increase your property taxes... but that's because the value of the property goes up. While sun rooms can be built with efficiency in mind, you may see a raise in utility costs. Last of all, sun rooms don't offer a whole lot of privacy unless you have window coverings such as blinds or drapes installed. 

Could a sun room be a feature on your "dream home" list? I'd love to help you find what you're looking for! 


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