Imagine coming home to a fresh load of laundry, a ham smoking on the back porch, and the crisp smell of freshly-cut grass. Smart Home technology is the future of home automation and control. The internet of things (meaning the ability of everyday objects in your home to connect wirelessly to the internet) allows a homeowner to maintain and fortify a home remotely. 
With smart home tech systems, homeowners can do just about anything via a smartphone app. Unimaginable objects are being outfitted with wi-fi or Bluetooth capabilities to enable their use remotely. Think of it, controlling surveillance systems, smart locks, lighting, temperature, appliances, the vacuum, lawn mower, and more with the touch of a button. 
There are three options for controlling smart home devices. 
The first is that you can download the app for each device on a smartphone, which is fine... unless you have more than three or four devices to manage. 
The second option is to purchase a smart home hub or smart speaker (like the Amazon Echo or Google Home). Both have the ability to consolidate all gadgets into a single smartphone app but with the smart speakers, each device must be programmed with trigger words and routines. 
Third, users can control everything from a high-tech universal remote. 
The possibilities are endless with smart home technology. 
Do you think the shift to smart homes is a good idea? I'd love to hear your comments!