Is hiring a real estate agent really necessary if you're building a new home? 

Well, it depends on how confident you feel with navigating the New Construction Contract. Do you know the difference between the base price of the new home vs. upgrades? How to choose a home warranty? How to plan for a non-refundable new construction deposit and/or a percentage of the upgrade costs? When to submit materials before their deadlines? Whether there are impact fees?  

Without the assistance of a knowledgeable buyer's agent, how do you as the buyer even know which questions to ask? 

It's wise to have a professional on your side when it comes to these details. The builder's agent, or listing agent, has the builder's best interest in mind - not the buyer's.

Often, buyers who are building a new home become overwhelmed by the process. Picking out the flooring, light fixtures, paint, etc is not easy for some, while others may not have noticed inconveniences such as a noisy air conditioning unit placed next to the master bedroom window. If something goes wrong during the build, it can save a buyer a lot of headache, time, and money to have a buyer's agent around to straighten things out. 

Building a new home can be a very exciting process. Hiring a buyer's agent can help ensure that the experience is remembered as a positive one. 

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