Last week we talked about preparations you can begin 6 months to a year before you're ready to start looking for a home to purchase.

See part 1 here:

Once you have accomplished those, you're ready to officially start the process of buying your first home!

  1. Talk to a lender. It's time to see what you can get approved for; a concrete starting point to know what you can afford. Real estate agents find it helpful to work with buyers who have already been approved by a lender; you don't want to find a home you love and then have it slip through your fingers due to financing falling through. 
  2. See what's available in your price range. Check what is on the market, and possibly walk through some open houses, to get an idea of what is available in your price range.
  3. Sign up for a class. There are several courses you can take online to really become savvy with the home-buying process.
  4. Connect with a realtor. It makes things easy when you can sit back and let your real estate agent do the work for you. Consider Paul Herbert to walk you through your home-buying experience!

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