Washington County is a cyclist's mecca. Paved trails and scenic highways combine with hundreds of miles of mountain bike trails to create beautiful cycling routes for all skill levels. There are even several competitive cycling events held here. Despite this, there's one major thing lacking: a bike skills park. 

The city of St. George has rectified this oversight by commencing the construction of a bike skills park (and it's here in town!). Once the park is completed (2018), there will finally be a place for bicycle riders to gain and practice the skills needed to successfully navigate the natural trails in the area and avoid unnecessary injury. The park offers practice terrain for beginner and intermediate riders, including a children's loop. 

The bike park covers over 60 acres in Sand Hollow wash near Snow Canyon High School and will connect to existing paved trails, making it easily accessible. Included in the park are dirt hill jumps, gravity jumps, a skills area, a single-track loop, and more. 

Though other cities in Utah have fun and practical bike skills parks, the course in St. George is unique in that it will be open for cyclists to enjoy year-round. It's a great time to grow your biking skills and enjoy the desert scenery of Southern Utah in a new way!