Tucked in the desert between the community of Bloomington and Bloomington Hills is the growing community of Hidden Valley. This little hamlet borders 3 schools on one side and restaurants, gas stations, corporate offices, and a department store on the other; easy access to all you could need. It's also within 2 miles of I-15 and SR-7, or Southern Parkway, that leads to the St. George Regional Airport. 

The Hidden Valley Townhomes were built in 2005 and have fun amenities. A large and entertaining clubhouse and pool are the perfect places to relax on a hot summer day or have a get-together with family and friends. These townhomes are ideal for starter homes or a vacation home. 

Ivory Homes offers an award-winning home design in Hidden Valley Estates for any who prefer a single family home. 

In close second to the great location of Hidden Valley is the expansive community park in the heart of the community. Plenty of grass for dogs and a walking path surround the park, in addition to a covered picnic area, tennis courts, multiple shaded playgrounds, and a splash pad to beat the heat. 

Hidden Valley is a great little place to put down roots and enjoy the rocky mountain views Southern Utah is famous for.