When it comes to selling a home, proper staging can boost appeal to buyers and help each envision living in the space. There are professional staging companies available for hire, but if there isn't room in the budget for that, consider these basic DIY staging tips: 

1. Declutter. Often, sellers have too much bulky furniture in a room, making the space look small. Walk through each room in the house and pack up unnecessary items, including excessive wall hangings and clutter on kitchen and bathroom countertops. 

2. Clean windows, window coverings, and carpets. Patch up/paint any walls needing attention. 

3. For the outside of the home, clean up the landscaping by removing dead foliage and trimming bushes. Make sure the house is easily visible and neat. Clear the yard, porch, or deck of any junk or small items (flower pots, toys, charcoal, wood piles, etc). 

4. During an open house or showing, turn on all the lights and lamps in the home (even in the middle of the day!) and play some easy FM tunes as background music. 

The key is to take an objective look at each space in your home and see it through a buyer's eyes. Good first impressions will lead to a faster, higher-paying sale!