A new type of community is coming to St. George! Desert Color, 3350 acres of mixed-use space along I-15 and the Southern Parkway, just might change the way developments are planned and executed in Southern Utah. 

With this concept, retail, recreation, and residential space are combined to create a community that's all about the lifestyle. Residents and visitors alike may never find a reason to leave.  

An impressive 210 acres will contain open space, walking trails, and parks for recreational use. 

A golf course, restaurants, office space, and retail outlets create a central commercial hub, not to mention neighborhood conveniences such as a church, school, fire station.

Surrounding this hub is residential living space, and the sky's the limit on the options. With a blend of apartments, single-family homes, stacked flats, and more, Desert Color is aiming to accommodate full and part-time residents with both traditional residential and vacation properties. There will be an HOA to support the amenities and property as a whole. 

Do you think Desert Color might be for you? The first lots are scheduled to be available summer 2018, with community growth taking place through the next several years.