Often when we talk about condominiums and townhouses, they are grouped together; however, they are actually two different types of homes. Do you know the differences? 


  • Include a building or collection of buildings in which units are owned by individuals. In a condo, you may have neighbors above, below, and on either or both sides of your unit.
  • Typically have higher HOA fees because the owners are responsible only for the interior of the condo. The HOA maintains and repairs the building exterior, common areas, amenities, etc. 
  • Come in many different styles and tend to have a community-oriented feel. Many include the use of amenities such as a pool, clubhouse, tennis courts, playground, and more. 
  • Architecturally look like row houses with units standing side by side. Residents share one or more walls with a neighbor. 
  • With a townhouse, owners own and are responsible for both the interior and exterior maintenance of the unit, which contributes to lower HOA fees. 
  • Townhouses often have more than one level and many communities offer amenities and use of common areas. 

Here in St. George, the condo and townhome market is hot as ever, as the prices tend to be lower than those of single-family homes. They make great second homes or rental properties. 

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