Climate. It affects our lifestyle and all the activities we do. It can affect mood and employment, and even health. Whether you have lived in a place that is icy and frigid all winter long or wet and rainy 5 days of the week, you'll find Southwest Utah to be a pleasant change. 

Not only is the scenery incredibly beautiful and varied (we don't call it 'Color Country' for nothing), the climate here is relatively mild. Winters especially bring snowbirds south, as the high temperatures average in the mid-50's. While it does sometimes snow, it melts quickly; no snow shovels are needed here! 

Because St. George is a desert, summers do get very hot. The high temperatures June through September average between 95-105° F. This also means that there is plenty of sunshine; over 300 days a year, to be exact. 

With the plethora of outdoor activities and National Parks in close proximity to this corner of Utah, along with the great climate, it's no wonder more and more people are choosing to relocate to sunny St. George. 

After all, once you get a little red sand between your toes, it's tough to leave it behind.