2014 ended with the year being down slightly from 2013.  I would characterize it as more of a consolidating and stabilizing  year from the substantial gains from 2012 and 2013.  In 2013 gains were huge with gains as much as 50% in lot sales and building permits to "only" 25% gains in residential dwelling sales.   The numbers for the year came in as follows:  Lot sales decreased from a total of 1652 in 2013 to 1408 in 2014.  Single family building permits decreased from 1568 in 2013 to 1299 in 2014.  Residential dwelling sales decreased from 4969 in 2013 to 4889 in 2014.  Finally, all types of sales decreased from 6924 in 2013 to 6496 in 2014.  The forecast for 2015 from both local forecasters and national forecaster is that 2015 will be similar to 2013, meaning another robust year in real estate.